Vietnam Tourist Visa

In this article, we will explain the steps required to get a tourist visa and provide some tips on how to make the application process as smooth as possible.

About Tourist Visa to Vietnam

A Vietnam tourist visa is a mandatory document that a traveler from a non-visa-exempt country must obtain prior to the intended trip to Vietnam. Since 2017, a number of foreign citizens can obtain a tourist visa entirely online.

The Vietnam e-Visa, apart from tourist-related activities, also enables visiting Vietnam for transit or business purposes. A holder of a Vietnam visa can plan a 30-day stay in the country throughout the entire visa's validity period. A Vietnam tourist visa is issued as a single-entry visa remaining valid for 30 days.

Applicants whose nationality is included on the list of e-Visa eligible countries can avoid wasting time on Embassy visits and obtain a Vietnam tourist visa online. The Vietnam visa application process will take only a couple of minutes, while the Vietnam visa requirements that one must meet are minimal, with the only required document being a valid passport.

Those travelers who are not eligible for an electronic Vietnam tourist visa will need to contact the nearest Vietnamese Embassy and obtain a tourist visa in person.

Types of Vietnam tourist visas

Vietnam e-Visa is a one-type visa that covers three main purposes, including:

  • tourism: visiting Vietnam for all kinds of leisure-related activities, e.g., vacation, family/friends reunions, sightseeing, etc.;
  • business: visiting Vietnam to handle some business affairs, e.g., negotiate a contract, look for potential business partners, participate in business meetings and conferences;
  • transit: making a stop before reaching the final destination in another country.

Please note that Vietnam tourist e-Visa allows you to visit Vietnam only once. If you wish to reenter Vietnam, you will have to apply for a new tourist visa.

Vietnam Tourist Visa Application

The online application for a Vietnam tourist visa consists of a few intuitive steps, which go as follows:

  1. Indicate your main travel purpose and start filling out the online form with all the details required.
  2. Check the provided information for correctness.
  3. Upload the necessary documents, i.e. your face photo and a copy of your passport's bio-data page.
  4. Cover the processing fee of 79 Euro by using one of the available methods of online payment.
  5. Check your email inbox. Both the confirmation e-mail and the one containing the approved visa in a PDF format will arrive in your email.

Please remember that the standard processing time may take maximally 5 business days. Nevertheless, on average, you may expect to receive your tourist visa approval within 68 hours. Don't forget to refresh your email inbox and download the file with your visa. You must also print your document out and carry its physical copy for your trip.

Should you encounter any problems throughout the entire application process, feel free to contact our support team.

Documents required for Tourist Visa to Vietnam

There is only one document required for a Vietnam tourist visa online application, which is a passport. It is essential that the passport must remain valid for a minimum of 6 months from the planned arrival date in Vietnam.

Moreover, every applicant must upload a recent digital photo of their face to apply online for a Vietnam tourist visa.

The copies of the required documents can be taken with the use of your phone camera or PC web camera. Our visa experts will adjust the received files according to the requirements of the Vietnamese authorities.

Important! Please check your passport validity before starting your visa application. If the validity is less than the required 180 days, you should better renew your passport and only then start the application process. Please also note that any change in your passport's data or the passport's loss will automatically make your visa invalid.

Other important information

  • A traveler can enter Vietnam with an e-Visa only through certain entry ports recognizing the online visa system
  • An applicant needs to select one entry point from those ones available on the list when submitting an e-Visa online application (the entry port can be changed as long as it is the same type of entry point)
  • Any change in the type of Vietnamese entry point, e.g., from air to sea, will require you to apply for a new Vietnamese visa
  • Everyone visiting Vietnam from a non-visa-exempt country, regardless of age, needs to have their own e-Visas
  • Applications on behalf of underage travelers should be completed by their parents or legal guardians
  • Every applicant must cover the processing fee of 79 Euro, which is charged for the governmental fees as well as for the professional assistance of our visa experts throughout the entire application process
  • It is essential to provide the correct email address to receive the approved e-Visa issues-free and without unnecessary delays
  • It is possible to prolong your Vietnam tourist visa with the help of the Immigration Department Office and upon covering an additional fee